104th esoc

"In Night's Veil, Eorzea Stands."

Our organization

After 6 years of work, the 104th has decided to merge with Palantira.io. Palantira does not offer the same core services the 104th did and thus we are closing that side of our operation.This decision was not taken lightly as it means that we will no longer be using our abilities and knowledge to protect Final Fantasy XIV players from harassment.We are still under the belief that Square Enix's support is completely useless when it comes to protecting its players from the trash in the community but have come to the realization that until something escalates to be out-of-game, Square will not improve.To those in need of our services or are experiencing online harassment, we can only encourage you to keep creating Game Master tickets about. In our experience, action will not be taken on a case until it's 20 tickets in and has been escalated. But with Square's lack of transparency, you might as well unsub for a month or two as that has proven to be more effective.